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Welcome to goddess naked dot com. Here you can explore the myths and universal symbolism and ancient symbols of the holy goddess.

Why a naked goddess website?

Well, why where all the ancient goddess statues, paintings, figurines, plaques, amulets and other art more or less of naked goddesses? If not nude then at least with bare breasts, the mythological divine big breasts goddess is a very common thing among early figurines and plaques, why naked breasts? And why are there so many plaques showing the nude goddess holding her breasts? Is it only denoting the holy divine mother and breastfeeding, or is it also a symbol of sexuality, power or even magic?

Some ancient images showed the goddess lifting her skirt/dress revealing her holy vagina, why? Is this only denoting fertility or is this also a message and symbol of power?

And what about the mythical warrior tradition that a naked female can make her enemy harmless!? Is the naked goddess amulets used for protection?

That is what we will research and explore here on this site. You will get useful information and also links to other mythology, art, research and goddess sites.

And you will also see some goddess fine art photography by our photographer.

This ancient subject is very fascinating and intrigues people worldwide. The sacred feminine - goddess worship and the feminine aspect of spiritually are very interesting subjects.

You will find lots of useful information and unique exclusive fine art photography here in spring 2009.

Bookmark now and come back often to follow the exciting progress!



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January 2010:
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